Hi, I am Julie Arnfield-Crowther aka Juey. 

Yorkshire born with over 40 years knitting experience taught as a small child by Great Grandma. I have always had knitting needles in my hands for a long as I can remember and knitting is my passion. My love for the past and a vivid imagination has always inspired me to recreate knitted accessories and take vintage looks into modern day dressing.

I was extremely fortunate to have an amazing grounding early on developing my skills in technical editing, pattern writing, finishing & designing. I was also recruited to establish and be Agony Aunt (Knitty Kitty) for Lets Knit Magazine. I also freelance for other UK & US magazines alongside teaching, demos and design work for other well know companies. I especially enjoy my work as a guest presenter on Create and Craft TV promoting and demonstrating anything knitting.

I was lucky enough to work in the USA where my love for knitting was taken to another level. It became apparent that customers needed a little help choosing colours. Also being a qualified make-up artist and stylist I was called upon to advise on particular shades to choose that enhanced the customer rather than what was in the book or pattern. I absolutely loved helping and guiding the client through the choices and still have regular ladies who call for colour advise. Its amazing!

Returning to the UK it was while looking for traditional British wool in certain colours and finding it very hard I decided to look up some of my old contacts in the wool business - I was delighted to find one particular Company were still around. It was by working closely with them throughout the whole process the JUEY brand was born. 

To start my range I wanted a 100% British wool, (some wool is called British but is only spun here). I feel strongly about supporting the British industry hence 100% British. I am also an endorsed member of The Campaign for Wool.  The wool I choose is from the Bluefaced Leicester sheep which is wonderfully soft with a lustrous sheen affectionately called 'British Cashmere'.We now produce a range of Double Knitting, Aran and Super Chunky wool. 

My previous experiences came in very useful when mixing and choosing my own range. All my shades are chosen to complement each other and enhance skin tone.

Stage two of the Juey brand is now underway with a range of beautiful 100% British undyed wools especially aimed at knitters and felters who like to dye and create their own yarns. Again featuring the BFL. Because of the natural smooth characteristics  of the wool it lends itself to producing wonderful effects and superb end finishes when dyed. The range has Super Chunky, Poodle Chunky, DK and 4ply with more to be added in the future.

Thank you so much for visiting the site and I look forward to sharing with you on screen or in person. 

PS: Pop in to The Fabbadashery in Halifax and see the range in full. I visit most Saturdays to teach or dress up as resident Knit Nurse. We would love to see you.

Juey X