How we evolved into 

Juey Jumbo Craft Tools

Juey (my nickname) was started purely by accident ... never did we expect such a response.

Back in 2003 while promoting another brand of yarn in USA. During a large exhibition in Atlanta I was intrigued by two guys who were knitting with strips of plastic, fabric, wire together with combinations of yarn they were making into sculptures.

I was fascinated... 

An idea was running through my head! I need some of those needles (their's were not for sale). I could see all my numerous yarns worked up into amazing rugs & blankets. 

Returning to England I asked Dad to make me a pair but I wanted them longer about 600mm the reason being,  I can knit in one piece a blanket without having to sew anything up.  He made me a pair & off I went to knit my first blanket. In just over 2 hours it was finished. More & more knitting evolved. Now, previously having designed my own knitwear It was time to pull them together.

A dear friend who owns a craft shop offered to stock our needles if I would teach knitting lessons. The class was a great success. We then took a pitch at a yarn show, again we sold out very quickly. So we took orders & cracked on making more...

Crochet hooks were then asked for. However they did take more time to perfect. Each hook is individually handmade & the head & shank of the hook needed to be as smooth as silk so the yarn didnt snag. Dad being a perfectionist wouldnt let them go out on sale until they were just right. Next came the cable needle followed by Tunisian crochet hook. Tunisian crochet is a combination of knit & crochet an easy craft to learn as you are only using one needle/hook.

As time went on we  perfected our tools. We also coat them in a secret serum to give them great slip-ability. By combining the coating with the natural oils in your hands, our tools really do get better with age.

We now supply wholesale & individual customers equally. If you would like to stock any of our products in your shop please feel free to contact us.

I am very proud to partner with & present our products on Hochanda TV usually around 4 - 5 times a year. They are wonderful company to be part of.

Sadly we lost Dad but not his skills. He was determined that I continue without him (which was hard) but he made it his mission to teach me how to craft our tools myself with the time that was left with him. Bless you Jimmy, hope I make you proud. 

I will continue as long as our tools are needed, of course with a little help from family.

Thank you each & everyone of you for your support you will always be appreciated.

Love Juey