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Juey Jumbo Craft Tools

We develop, design & produce our bespoke super size knitting needles & crochet hooks. We hand carve each item individually & lavish them with secret serum to make them as smooth as silk so they are ready for you to create your very own masterpieces.

Juey Jumbo Craft Tools

Our Best Sellers

From small beginnings to Super Size.
juey jumbo knitting needles with apple showing how large they are

Juey Jumbo Knitting Needles

Number one best selling. As you can see from the pic our knitting needles are massive (yes this is a regular size apple) they are a jumbo, chunky 25mm stitch size. We deliberately make them extra long 600mm so you can knit up to a king size throw in one piece without having to sew pieces together.

 Juey 25mm wood crochet hook

Juey Jumbo Crochet Hook

Each of our crochet hooks are size 25mm diameter. As with all our tools we use reclaimed wood that we carve & polish to produce a supreme finish.

extreme knitting needles created by juey

Juey Jumbo Accessory Needles

Exactly the same stitch size 25mm as our number one selling needles but not as long as most other giant needles they are the usual 300mm in length. These shorter needles are great for smaller project such as hats, scarves, cowls etc.